Carole Eyles for CRD!

I am running for the position of Salt Spring Island Director to the Capital Regional District.

I feel that we have not been effectively represented at the CRD Board table. It is the job of the director to attend meetings and be well informed of the issues affecting the many commissions and to advocate for those issues at the CRD Board. We do not appear to have been well served in the past and I would like to see this change. We need a Director who will represent Salt Spring to the CRD not the CRD to Salt Spring.

I am also very concerned at the apparent indifference shown by CRD staff to the financial consequences of their actions. This has shown up dramatically in all the small water districts on Salt Spring, but would appear to be endemic. The Director needs to be ensuring that CRD staff work diligently and efficiently on behalf of island constituents.

I want to see an end to “us versus them” dynamics. It is time to find common ground where all sides of any issue can work together toward the common good. This includes co-operation and communication between the CRD director and the Islands Trust trustees. It also includes keeping the wider community informed on a regular basis.

What Can I Offer?

I have the time to devote to the position, which I consider to be a full time job. With 12 service areas and 14 separate commissions, including, but not limited to, water and sewer commissions, parks and recreation, library, recycling and solid waste disposal, bylaw enforcement, transit, building inspection and emergency preparedness, there are many meetings to attend and a lot of people and groups to consult with.  Many of these services require co-ordination with the Islands Trust, Fire District, provincial and federal governments. This simply cannot be done effectively part time.

This has been my home for over thirty years. I have been active in the community and my reputation speaks for itself. If I say I will do something, I will do it. I am responsible, accountable, and am capable of effectively working on a number of projects simultaneously.

I am delighted to see that other people are also taking up the challenge, as this will give the community a broad choice of candidates. I strongly urge everyone to get out and vote on November 19th. It is your chance to have a say in how you want your community to move forward.


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